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About Me

My name is Shannon Corr and I am a graphic designer based in and around the New York area. Growing up on the beautiful beaches of Long Island’s south shore, I spent my summers playing volleyball and being on the water with my friends and family. I have always had a love for arts and crafts, which showed in my numerous artworks and I even spent a whole summer crocheting scrunchies and cute tops as a side hustle. After taking design classes in high school, I knew that being in the creative world was something I wanted to make my career out of. 

In 2018, I attended Pratt Institute in the heart of Brooklyn. Here I played on the institute’s volleyball team as a captain, and I worked in the printing lab on campus and as a youth sports coach on the weekends. My opportunities and Pratt opened the doors to sports and design as I got my first internship working with a fishing company and also serving as a coach and a social media manager for a private volleyball club. Shortly after this, COVID-19 hit and changed my route. Despite stepping away from school for a year, I continued to teach, coach, and work for the fishing company. Now as a part-time graphic designer. 

Then in 2021, I packed up my art supplies and my cat and moved to Scranton, PA. Here, I continued my studies for graphic design and joined their volleyball team, serving as a captain. Since starting at Marywood University, I have become a Junior Editor for their Art blog in addition to writing as the graphic design blogger. I started yet another internship with Lackawanna College Athletics in hope to further my career as an aspiring sports designer. I have met the most amazing people and connections and overall, I  have such a different, positive outlook on my future. 

With graduation around the corner in May 2023, I have aspirations to stay on the path of sports design, something I’ve dreamed of for the last few years, as I continue to open myself up to experiences that will give me the tools needed to succeed.

Where Creativity Works Blog

As the Marywood graphic design blogger, I write all things related. This experience has opened me up to a whole new appreciation of graphic design and the impact creatives have on the beautiful world around us.

You can check out my blog posts using the link below, I share my experiences as a budding designer and my creative process on some of my favorite projects and commissions.