Irish Boxing Club Website Redesign

As an Adobe XD Project, I redesigned a NEPA Non-profit organization bringing a new, updated face to this company. Specifically for educational purposes, I designed a logo that better focuses the athletic, bold and tough look that the Irish Boxing Club wanted to portray. This is a single page website with a navigation bar that directs you down the page.

The logo contains semi-celtic, bold style typeface, Cinder, combining the idea of numerous sports teams typeface of bold sharp letters, and the Irish style of celtic. The first line, “BOXING,” the B and the G hang high, pulling the “IRISH” above it, into the logo. With a small, light gray drop shadow, it adds small dramatic detail that emphasizes the letters further.

I chose to make two dark green boxing gloves hanging from the bottom of the logo specifically because I wanted it to resemble the shape of the four leaf clover popularly associated with Irish culture and retain that aspect of their website. Adding a black background, further emphasizes the properties of a logo and allows diversity, such as shirts, stickers, etc.

The logo, although centered in the navigation bar, hangs over the top and the bottom adding depth and space behind the logo; as well as breaking boundaries and creating a strong emphasis on boldness, once again, fitting to the sports industry. 

Name: Irish Boxing Club Redesign

Date: October 2021

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

Dimensions: Various