Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Center Web Design

According to AAC&U, Marywood University is among thirteen institutions selected through a competitive process as sites for the second cohort of TRHT Campus Centers. Lynn Pasquerella, president of AAC&U said, “AAC&U is thrilled to partner with these outstanding institutions on our way to establish 150 centers across the country to ensure that higher education is playing a leadership role in promoting racial and social justice.”

I got the opportunity to work with the coordinators to bring an online presence to provide information and resources, with limited funding, I was able to create a vamped-up Google Sites page, with illustrations and graphics creating a welcoming and creative branding for the new TRHT center. 

As of early March the website is still under construction.

Name: THRT Website

Date: March 2023

Medium: Various

Dimension: Various